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Here's how YOU can help RE-ELECT
Commissioner Gary Woronchak in 2012

A winning campaign requires help on so many levels, and your
active support is so important in the success of this effort.
On this page, I explain the different ways you can get involved
and help. Thank you so much for considering lending a hand.


REMEMBER: The most important way to help is to VOTE for Gary

How to contact Gary to let him know how you're willing to help
You can e-mail him right now, at (just click on the address). Or you call him at (313) 277-1631, or write to him at P.O. Box 5546, Dearborn, MI 48128.

Please let us put a
lawn sign on your yard

One of the easiest, yet most important ways you can help is by allowing me to place a lawn sign on your yard. These not only display your support, but also help to keep my name and the election fresh in people's minds.

We'll put up the signs for the Primary Election in early July, but it's helpful for us to know now who is willing to let us put a sign at their house.

TO SIGN UP FOR A YARD SIGN, please click here and e-mail me a note saying it's OK to put up a sign. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Help spread the word about the campaign

Here are some ways you can help spread the word about my campaign.

POSTCARDS OR E-MAIL TO FRIENDS: Whether your address book has 5 names or 50, sending a personal request for your friends and neighbors to vote for me is very helpful. We provide pre-printed postcards for you to address and sign, and then we collect them to stamp and mail. It's easy and helpful. We do an e-mail version of this, too.

RECEPTION AT HOME: If you have a group of friends and neighbors you can invite over to meet me at a small reception, it gives me a chance to meet more people and tell them how I hope to earn their vote. This isn't designed to raise money, just to meet and greet people.

HELP TELL ALLEN PARK: I have gotten to know many people in Allen Park during my time as a Commissioner, both by meeting them at functions and assisting them as they've contacted my office. However, since my long career as a newspaper editor and my six years as a State Representative were solely in Dearborn, I'm still not as well-known in Allen Park as I am in Dearborn. So spreading the word there is especially important.

IF YOU'RE WILLING TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD, please click here and e-mail me a note telling me how you'd like to do so. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Volunteers do a wide variety of tasks,
and are vital to a winning campaign

Whether you have a little time or a lot, want to work at home or in a group, stay inside or are willing to work outdoors, there is a volunteer task you can help with. Volunteers are the backbone of any campaign and the most basic, grassroots way to get involved. Here are some of the ways volunteers help.

MAILINGS: On occasion, hundreds of letters will need to be stuffed into envelopes, sealed and stamped. You can do a batch while watching TV at home, or join a group for assembly line-style mailing.

PHONE CALLS: Calls need to be made to people on my lists to ask if they're willing to put up a yard sign and, just before the election, to remind them to vote.

PUT UP SIGNS: Hundreds of yard signs need to be put up. We need volunteers to put up 10-20 signs right in their neighborhood (or elsewhere if they're willing). We'll provide the lists, all you have to do is drive over to the home and stick the sign in the ground. Then, we'll ask you to drive around your area occasionally to make sure the signs are in place, standing straight, and to replace them if needed. I call this group of volunteers "sign captains."

WORK AT A POLL: On election day, I need to have helpers at the voting places all over the district, to ask people not to forget to "Vote Woronchak for County Commission" as they're going in to vote. We'll provide a handout to give voters as they pass by. A shift at the polls usually lasts a few hours.

HAND OUT LITERATURE: We need people to walk through their neighborhood and place campaign literature in their neighbors' doors. This helps get the word out to a wide audience.

CAMPAIGN DOOR TO DOOR: If you're outgoing and know a lot of people in your neighborhood, you and I can go door to door to ask voters for their support.

TO VOLUNTEER, please click here and e-mail me a note explaining how you're willing to help as a volunteer. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Make a contribution to the campaign

For me, the most difficult thing about running for office is to ask people for contributions. But they're a necessary part of any campaign.

Contributions are never "expected" and always appreciated. Remember, the most important way to help is with your vote. Probably the easiest way is by letting me put a sign on your yard. So contributions, while important, should only be made if you feel comfortable with it and strongly about it.

Contributions should be made payable to Gary Woronchak for County Commission, and can be sent to me at P.O. Box 5546, Dearborn, MI 48128.

Here are a few rules that need to be observed under Michigan's campaign finance laws. No corporate checks can be accepted. Each individual can give no more than $1,000 total for this year's campaign. Anyone giving more than $100 total during the campaign must include a note with their occupation, employer and business address.

Of course, you don't have to send separate e-mail messages telling me you'll take a sign, how you're willing to volunteer, and how you can help spread the word. One big e-mail will do just fine. I look forward to hearing from you, and appreciate your consideration!


About Gary Woronchak

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